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Hi, we are Yani & David owners of Candles of Sherford a small business in Devon, UK. We moved to Sherford in 2019, a new build town in Devon with our beautiful cats Bleu & Koa. After many years of purchasing other branded candles and always throwing away the glass and metal containers as well as a lot of the wax due to the poor burn we decided to look into making our own. After months of trialing wick sizes, fragrances and different waxes Candles of Sherford was born!

We are an environmentally conscious candle making small business that specialises in hand-poured luxury candles, wax melts, reed diffusers and car 
fresheners. Our mission is to create beautiful, sustainable, and luxurious products that everyone can enjoy. Our candles and wax melts are made from an eco-olive wax that is, eco friendly, vegan friendly, biodegradable, soy free, palm free and cruelty free. 

We use cut glass vessels that looks stunning when unlit and comes to life when your candle is burned. Our vessels can be reused and refilled, making it the perfect option for the environment. We offer a unique custom service – allowing customers to choose their favourite vessel and have their candle or reed diffuser made to order with their favourite scent. Whether it’s for yourself or for a special gift, Candles of Sherford is sure to make any candle-lover smile.

We invite you to browse our website to find the perfect product for you.

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